so be it

Sunday Worship 3/8

Time: 10:00
Place: 701 Whaley
Preacher: Stewart Rawson
Attire: Surprise us

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Palm Sunday


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  • CONNECT | Spring Total Table

    Total Table is a supper club, the Downtown Church way. We will kick off our spring dinners Thursday, March 5, 5:30-7, with a happy hour at the Spot on Blanding. We’ll greet old friends ...

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  • SERMON | Pray Like This

    Pray like this: Pray big. Dare to ask God for the Kingdom to come, but at the same time don't expect for that to be your responsibility alone. Find comfort in the encouragement of others, eve ...

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  • SERMON | So Be It

    At this table, there is enough bread to feed all who are hungry and enough grace to calm all who are worried. ...

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    Amen is an admission that there is a power at work within us and apart from us that is mysterious and obvious at the same time. ...

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  • EASTER | The 40 Day Project

    You are invited to follow along as I share a daily, hand-written prayer. Use each prayer however you see fit. ...

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  • Amos Disasa prepping

    BLOG | Preacher’s Salary

    If we drop the subtle guilt-trip and the religious jargon, which includes phrases like being a good steward, giving out of your abundance, and fulfilling your tithe, we should admit that I'm ...

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